UFPCC New Insurance Benefit is now in place for Registered Members

The new UFPCC/DAS Legal Expense Insurance Policy is now in effect for all members that have registered their name and address with the Corporation.

This benefit REPLACES the $40,000 legal expene assistance that was formaly available to members.

Certificates will be issued shortly through St Andrews Direct Insurance Brokers, please take the time to read the contents thoroughly and keep them in a safe place.

A sample certificate and brief policy can be seen on our downloads page. http://ufpcc.com/downloads.php

Members that have still not registered their name and address can do so by downloading the Application Form from the downloads page and submitting it to the office either by email or via Canada Post.

Unregistered members will still be eligible for assistance at the $40,000 level, once regsitered and the certficate is issued by the insurance compny, then their level of assistance will be raised to $100,000 per incident. BUT NOT for any investigation already under way.