Important Changes to the Membership Dues

Important Information about Changes to the UFPCC Levels of Assistance

 The UFPCC and its members are facing a time of change what was once classified as a necessity for all foster families has now changed to a matter of personal choice; this is a result of improvements to the Society Insurance Program and a dramatic increase for our insurance renewal rate.

The UFPCC was formed in 2001 to assist foster parents and their families to cover a gap in Agency purchased insurance.

  • It provided up front retainer fees to lawyers so its members could obtain Legal Representation before the Agency Insurance took effect; this money was then returned to the UFPCC by the Lawyers under contract.

  • It provided assistance with legal expenses relating to accusations involving a Police Investigation for foster parents and their children.

  • It provided assistance with legal expenses if our children were charged with an offence in relation to our foster children. Later expanded to family members living in the home.

  • It provided extra assistance to foster parents once the Agency Insurance reached its limit.

  • It granted members access to lawyers advice on fostering related questions.

  • It assisted members with Appeals.

In 2013 the Agency Insurance Carrier partnered with another company to administer the Legal Expense portion of its insurance policy. This also brought with it numerous upgrades that the UFPCC previously covered. This is all dependent on you being able to obtain the Policy Number from your Agency.

In 2015, as a result of extensive research and legal advice, the UFPCC moved to an insurance based product that mirrored the Agency Insurance, with one or two subtle differences.

In 2016 our insurance provider offered a renewal rate with a 400% increase in fees, this is something the UFPCC is unable to withstand without raising membership dues, something it has not done since it was formed.

The UFPCC has managed to find another carrier that has offered the same coverage at a lower rate, but still above the original.

What all of this means to you;

Effective February 01 2017 the UFPCC will be raising its membership dues to 40 cents per day per child in your care, inclusive of HST. This rate will be dependent on insurance rates at time of renewal each year.

The UFPCC has been instructed to make this change in order to ensure that the UFPCC is able to assist the members that require it.

 What you need to do now

  • Ensure that the UFPCC has your membership information on file; contact our office to confirm this if you are unsure

  • Nothing and the UFPCC will continue to purchase insurance on behalf of you and your families to protect you against allegations made by your foster children and their families.

  • Decide if this assistance is applicable to you, membership is voluntary in most Agencies

    • If you have children or elderly parents living at home.

    • Or you feel you may need the extra coverage for yourselves, we have seen one case where the fees were over $700,000, most come in under $100,000.

    • If you wish to be assured that you have coverage, at least ten of our members have experienced incidents where they were unable to get the policy number from their Agency.

    • If you want funds to cover an Appeal (should you be convicted)

    • THEN the UFPCC is something you should consider.

  • IF

    • You have no family members living at home

    • If you are comfortable with the $100,000 offered by Agency Insurance

    • If you are sure that your agency will provide you with the Policy Number

    • Then you may wish to opt out of UFPCC Membership. The form is available on the UFPCC website and you will be responsible for ensuring that the Agency stops collecting and remitting dues to the UFPCC.

    • In the event that the Agency will not stop deducting dues, then we are setting in place a procedure were you will be reimbursed once per year after submitting the required documents.