2019 Rate Increase

UFPCC Rate Increase


In June of this year (2018) the Board of Directors voted to increase the dues payable by Active members from 40 cents per day to 45 cents per day, and from $150.00 plus HST to $165.00 plus HST for yearly members, effective 01 February 2019.

This increase is to address a small shortfall in funding and to maintain the level of funding available in the main fund.

In 2016 we had expenses of $81,332 in excess of the received dues.

In 2017 we had expenses of $25,684 in excess of our received dues.

We see this trend continuing in 2018, with the decrease of children in care and an increase of expenses (rent, wages, utilities, etc.), the Board voted to increase the dues to address this shortfall problem.

The Fund still maintains a current value of $900,000.00 and is anticipated to rise to the $1,000,000.00 mark by year end, but if this shortfall is not addressed in a timely manner, then over time the Fund will become unsustainable.


Executive Director.