Our Vision

We envision a fostering community where every foster family will be our members and can receive our support and guidance in the event of criminal proceedings against them arising from their fostering.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure foster families in need are provided with a compassionate response and leadership so families in need of it can acquire the highest quality of legal representation. Together with other foster family organizations, provide and share information to advocate for excellence in the provision of quality foster care.

Our Values

The philosophy of caring for children in a family environment.
The provision of support for foster families in pursuit of this care.
The dignity, safety and well-being of children and of the families who care for them.
The Organizational Practices of:

  • Inclusivity
  • Professionalism and Leadership
  • Growth and Development of our members in the Provision of our service
  • Recognition and Constant Improvement in our Support of Foster Families
  • Provision of a consistent message of advocacy for foster families
  • Service Excellence
  • Communication and Education of the fostering community
  • Organizational Health Practices, including:
    • A positive, respectful relationship among board members, staff and general members
    • The creation of a strong, policy-driven Governance Structure
    • Transparency, Progressiveness and Innovation



The UFPCC allows members to obtain legal advice and/or legal services to defend against allegations of wrong doing. Foster children, biological parents, community members and Children's Aid Societies (CAS) have made allegations of abuse. Allegations have resulted in criminal prosecution. Mental, physical or sexual abuses have been the basis of the allegations. These allegations are not limited to the Foster Parents. Their immediate family members (living in the home), relations and/or care givers and/or babysitters as they provide foster care can also be the subject of allegations of abuse.


Assistance is accessible by current and retired members of United Foster Parents of Canada Corporation who contribute or have contributed to the Fund.

CAS funds are available in the event of prosecution and/or civil suits arising from the care of CAS foster children. The CAS Insurance Carrier normally covers any criminal charges that are incurred by Foster Parents, however only the Foster Parents are covered. The insurance normally reimburses expenses as incurred, after you have been charged and cover an ongoing case up to $100,000 per occurrence and $500,000 for all cases in one year. The insurance covers CAS employees, Board Members, Foster Parents and Volunteers. The insurance normally covers civil cases with the exception of sexual charges. Foster Parents are advised to get confirmation of coverage from their respective Agency.

The UFPCC provides access to financial aid on behalf of a Member's family if charges are laid or appears likely to be laid or if a member needs a Lawyer's advice prior to a police interview. The fund also provides financial assistance for advice, emotional support and counselling where required.

The agency insurance coverage does not cover biological/adopted children, babysitters or other care givers in a Foster Parent's home. The insurance may cover pre-charge advice from a lawyer. It will not provide any funds in a civil suit where there is a sexual allegation. The UFPCC may cover the costs associated with these cases (except civil suits).

24 Hours a day

In an emergency call 1-855-273-0944 to access a lawyer at any time.


1 Bridge St. Suite 410
Belleville, ON K8N 5N9 Canada

  613 499 9826

Executive Director G Turrell 289 928 4560

President  Karin Smids Baxter 1 807 627 9228

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm

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